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Rapid City's finest coffee shop

Essence of Coffee has a simple philosophy: Serious Coffee; Great Food: Casual Atmosphere. It guides and governs every decision we make. Specialty coffee, freshly roasted by us and appreciated by you; fresh whole foods made by us and enjoyed by you; great conversation and relaxed atmosphere created by us and also by you our great customers.

Coffee is not a drink it is the ‘elixir of life’. In fact, it is the unobtrusive fundamental companion upon which modern life exists.

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The Elixer

We have been coffee folk – from a business perspective – for almost 15 years. I say from a business perspective because I think, as a baby, my mother put coffee in my bottle instead of formula. She certainly used to wake me in the morning with a cup from as early as I can remember. From drinking army coffee – instant stuff that fizzed in hot water – to our first coffee brewer as a young married couple (a story you need to ask me to tell when you visit) our coffee flavor journey progressed to what it has become today. Lesley was a tea drinker until she met me. I converted her to the wonders of Coffee! And now we are coffee folk through and through.