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Our Story

The destination of the seed of the humble coffee cherry is your pallet. For Essence of Coffee, that journey is our mission, a journey that we refer to as “seed to cup”.

Our mission statement reflects this journey:

Our mission is to source the finest green beans from around the world, unlock the uniquely rich flavor potential hidden within, transforming them into an amazing flavor experience.

It is in the bean – we bring it to the cup

For this to happen we have created two distinct yet complimentary businesses: Essence of Coffee – Café, and Essence of Coffee Roasters. Essence of Coffee Café is the destination.

The proving ground of this amazing journey with our baristas crafting gustatory delights for you the connoisseur coffee drinker.

The café is, if you will, “our proof of concept”. You see, for Michael and Lesley Fewson, the founders of Essence of Coffee (we’ve been doing this for 15 years), the humble cup of coffee is not simply a caffeine delivery system but the inspiration behind literary giants, philosophers, entrepreneurs and innovators: the silent mediator of conflict or the participant in major contractual agreements. An icebreaker for conversation and an all-around welcome contributor to community engagement and interaction.

We could just roast coffee and say, ‘here, get some coffee beans”, but we wanted to show that the Essence of Coffee is in the cup. The café is for you to experience the fusion between serious coffee, great food and casual atmosphere.

That is our mission at Essence of Coffee’s café: Serious Coffee – Great wholesome food – casual welcoming atmosphere.

When you visit you will see, errr taste, our coffee speaks for itself. Our food – fresh pastries and baked goods, made in-house, and creative meals like our Avo Open-face or the Aussie Burger – are spoken for by our many satisfied visitors who, if locals become regulars.

It is the personal hands-on engagement by the owners of Essence (always willing to share a colorful story), the staff, who love serving and caring for everyone that enters, and the customers, who all come together to create the vibrant atmosphere that is Essence of Coffee.

This is the fusion that makes Essence of Coffee a go-to place, a place where life happens.

Essence of Coffee Roasters is the vehicle.

Essence of Coffee Roasters is both a retail and wholesale specialty coffee company. We are the lynchpin or hub that bring together the farmers meticulous work in growing, harvesting and processing the seed and, the café, restaurant or home baristas particular attention to the detail of making seriously good coffee. By honoring the hard work of the grower and the passion of the consumer, we turn those seeds into gourmet specialty roasted coffee beans. The foundation of seriously great coffee.

The founder, Michael Fewson, is the master roaster and keeper of the journey. Michael’s role is to source the beans from point of origin confirming that they meet the exacting specialty-coffee standards Essence is known for. He creates the roast profiles – the recipe if you will – ensuring that you, the coffee lover, has the finest beans from which to make seriously good coffee.

Ken Pierce is our roaster and distribution and warehouse specialist. He’s the guy that makes everything go smoothly on the production side. (He will tell you Michael may find the best beans possible, but he’s the one who carries them inside once they arrive) Ken’s role is to ensure each batch of specialty grade coffee is roasted to the exacting profile crafted by the master roaster. As a retired chief master sergeant, he brings a depth of organizational skills to ensure quality and service is exactly what you get.

If you are a business whose modus operandi is quality of product or service, then Essence of Coffee is a great partner for you. Our corporate customers know attention to detail wins contracts… and keeps the team happy. Though it may seem insignificant to some, staff and clients appreciate the attention to detail great coffee reveals.

Our café and coffee hut clients find our beans offer that edge over competition while creating a strong return customer base. The edge we independent businesses have over the corporate outlets is our attention to detail, quality and personal care. And of course, we are community builders.

Restaurants find our beans a great compliment to their food. (Have you ever enjoyed a fine meal and excellent wine only to find the mediocre coffee and fails to ‘finish off’ the evening?) And for grocery and retail outlets we present for you a gourmet offering for the discerning coffee bean customers.

The name of Essence of Coffee has become synonymous with great tasting coffee. Our wholesale and also online retail customers enjoy the attention to detail and easy process to order and receive their great tasting beans on time. Whether you’re visiting us at the café for a flat white and a chat, racing in to grab an americano and a breakfast cookie on your way to work or looking for great beans to make a brew at home, you will be greeted with a smile, offered the best artisan roasted coffee and receive a ‘see ya later’ as you head out the door.


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