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Australia bush fire relief!

Hey Essence Of Coffee friends, we are excited to let you know that we have started fund raising for the devastating fires affecting all of Australia. There is not one State that does not have a major fire being battled by the amazing first responders. Our prayers and thoughts are with them all.

A natural disaster like this is very close to Michaels heart as he was a teenager in Darwin, when on Christmas Eve, 1974 Cyclone Tracy hit and decimated the whole city. Every person had to be evacuated and he remembers the Salvation Army, being on hand not only in Darwin, right after the tragedy, but also in Perth, handing out food, blankets and giving every child $7 and every adult $20.

Right now the Salvation Army is front and centre with the first responders, with food trucks, providing the fire fighters with food and drink.

To this end we will be channelling all funds raised to the Salvation Army in Australia.

Essence of Coffee will be donating $2 of every pound of coffee beans we sell. If you would like to help donations can be made at Essence Of Coffee 908 Main Street or through the Black Hills Community Bank where we have set up an account.

We would like to thank each and every one of you who donate to this worthy cause and Michael and Lesley would be happy to keep you updated on news of their family who are in Perth Western Australia, thankfully not threatened by immediate danger, just battling smoke and dwindling produce supply.

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